Article 1 : Purpose

The City of Orléans, in partnership with the ÔCampus association, has created a student sponsorship platform that can be accessed on the website on tablets and smartphones and is designed to put students from Orléans’ higher education institutions who wish to receive support in touch with volunteer sponsors from the community.

The purpose of these general terms of use is to govern access to and the terms of use of this platform. We invite you to read them carefully.

You acknowledge that neither the City nor ÔCampus can be held responsible for acts committed in the context of relationships between sponsors and students.

By completing the questionnaire, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all of the terms and conditions of use.

Article 2 : Definitions

Any person of legal age residing in the metropolitan area of Orléans who is willing and motivated to provide voluntary moral support and assistance to a student in difficulty may be a sponsor.

Any student of legal age enrolled in a higher education establishment in Orléans who wishes to be supported by a sponsor may be sponsored. If a student who is a minor wishes to benefit from this support system, the agreement of the legal representative will be requested.

Article 3 : Services offered by the platform, the creation of sponsor/student pairs

ÔCampus manages the creation of sponsorships between students and sponsors after analyzing the answers to the questionnaires submitted on the platform. It ensures that the profiles are compatible with the aim of establishing a relationship of mutual trust, listening, respect for beliefs and opinions and non-judgment.

The sponsorships are based on the principles of exchange and sharing of knowledge.

Article 4 : Commitments within the framework of the sponsorship

The sponsor commits to :

– To contact his/her sponsored student at the frequency and according to the modalities that they will have set jointly in order to break the student’s isolation.

According to the help that he/she will have proposed to bring, he/she commits to :

– Supporting the sponsored student in his or her administrative procedures

– Helping the sponsored person to find an internship or a student job

– Helping the sponsored student in the context of student life in Orleans

The sponsored student agrees to :

– Respect the terms and conditions and intervals of exchanges set jointly with his/her sponsor.

– To show kindness and respect for the opinions and convictions of his/her sponsor during contacts

– Not to expect an obligation of result from his/her sponsor within the framework of the actions of support which can be carried out by mutual agreement by the sponsor.

– Not to ask for financial aid or a loan of money.

Sponsors and sponsored students commit to show kindness, respect for opinions and convictions.

Article 5 : Leaving the program

– The sponsor and the sponsored student can leave the program at any time by notifying ÔCampus by email.

– Failure to respect the provisions of the present terms and conditions will result in the termination of the program

Article 6 : Personal data

As a participant in the Platform, the City of Orléans and ÔCampus may collect and process some of your personal data. By using the Platform and answering one of the questionnaires, you acknowledge and agree to the processing of your personal data by the City of Orleans and the ÔCampus association in accordance with the applicable law and the stipulations of the Privacy Policy.