Student sponsorship platform

Why create this platform?

Students are particularly affected by the current health crisis and face various difficulties: financial, digital insecurity, feelings of isolation, demotivation. To provide them with support, the federation of student associations ÔCampus and the city of Orléans are offering to set up a sponsorship system between students and city residents.


I am a student and I would like ...

  • Exchanges with a city resident, a family from Orleans
  • To meet a professional
  • To share a walk, a meal …

I would like to become a sponsor to ...

  • Support a student, be a good listener
  • Help them find an internship, a job...
  • Share moments of friendship (a meal, a good time, a show)
  • Help with administrative procedures

How do I participate?

  1. I register by filling out a questionnaire
  2. ÔCampus studies my application
  3. ÔCampus suggests a sponsor / a student to sponsor


Financial aid
Housing assistance
Food assistance
Health / psychological assistance
Digital assistance
Employment assistance
Transportation assistance