Who are the

The sponsor wishes to support the students, share his/her knowledge, network, local culture, etc. No particular qualifications are required.

A sponsor can, for example, facilitate a professional connection, share a culinary specialty, share good addresses for cheap clothes and equipment, give advice, or simply be a good listener.

Sponsor's testimony


«I was moved by the current situation of students and I wanted to help. When I heard about the Ôpe platform initiated by the city in partnership with the Crous, the University and the students, I was convinced of the reliability of the approach and so I offered myself as a sponsor».


«As a young retiree with time to offer, I immediately filled out the sponsor questionnaire on the platform to provide moral support to a student in difficulty. With this sponsorship we fight together against our isolation».


«As a former student of the faculty of Science, I was particularly moved to see how much the students suffer from this difficult context, I realized it could also have been me. So I wanted to help them by sponsoring one of them».

«I work in the field of IT and I have a developed professional network. It is often complicated for a student to find an internship, so I naturally offered to help in this process».


All information collected in this questionnaire will remain strictly confidential and will only be used for sponsorship purposes (GDPR compliance).