Which students can register ?

All students enrolled in a higher education institution in the Orleans metropolitan area can register on the “Ôpe” platform.

There are many reasons why a student may register  :

  • Getting to know a sponsor from a professional field that interests you, this introduction may facilitate searching for an internship or a job
  • Benefiting from good times and information on shows, cultural and sports events
  • Getting help with administrative procedures
  • Meeting a family, sharing a walk or a meal
  • Being reassured simply by knowing that you can count on a family nearby ready to help you in case of a hard time.

Student testimonials


«I am a 3rd year student at the University and I come from Clermont-Ferrand. I heard about this platform through friends. I appreciated the fact that I could register and be supported by a sponsor, without going through a social service. The online process allowed me to move forward. I am now supported by a sponsor with whom I regularly discuss everything and anything. It’s good not to feel completely alone anymore».


«I’m a student from Gabon, I arrived this year in Orleans to continue my studies. With the lockdown, the online courses and the administrative procedures to be carried out, I felt a little lost. When the CROUS advisors told me about this sponsorship platform, I tried my luck, thinking that maybe someone could help me. I met my sponsor a few days ago and we realized that we had a lot in common! Our goal: to do the running circuit on the river banks of the Loire together and improve our running times».


«I study law and I am in my first year. With the lockdown and the curfew I got discouraged little by little. I heard about this sponsorship platform via the networks and the fact that students from the ÔCampus association are behind this project encouraged me to sign up. I met my sponsor a few days ago and I appreciate her encouraging words and supportive attitude during this complicated period».


All information collected in this questionnaire will remain strictly confidential and will only be used for sponsorship purposes.